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Now I have no internships which means I should be spending time working on my portfolio, going to events, sports. 

But.. sometimes it gets hard motivating yourself. 

So this was my attempt at the word CLOTHES: I wanted to use my hair as a scarf but wasn’t getting what I wanted so I started “shooting” myself with my camera. 

Then I got it. 

The overexposed shot was an idea a fellow photog had. I always love learning from my peers and he is definitely on the rise to become a great photographer. 

Sometimes life makes me want to quit and just get a job at a bank… but when I make something… when I make a photo … I feel whole. 

I may not know what Im doing most of the time, but as long as Im creating Im happy. 

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My family and I drove from Miami to Gainesville to Tallahassee back down to Tampa to Miami for my sisters college graduation at FSU. 

En route from Tallahassee to Tampa we were stopped. We decided to stop to eat some dinner. Little did we know that our decision to stop to get something to eat (which we were debating heavily) rather than driving all the way through to Tampa possibly saved our lives. 

5 cars in front of us there was a crash. There was a 4 car pile up causing 4 or 5 fatalities. One pick up truck was literally split in two. 

Being stuck on I75 for 3 hours I played with some creative lighting techniques - the lights of the police cars lit through the windows with the rain droplets made some interesting patterns on my sisters face.

Needless to say it was a good amount of time to reflect.

May those whose lives were lost rest in peace.  

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This was one of my favorite graduation shoots I’ve done thus far. 

Most students want to go to the stadium and take photos next to the bull gator- but I liked this clients choice to go somewhere he felt comfortable. 

This vagabond decided to go to Alfred Ring Park, the sun and light was perfect for making for some great photos! 

Good luck to your time in Central America

To all the graduates: good luck on your next adventure. 

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